Ben & Sara

{{ Ben & Sara }} | Engagement

I did my first engagement shoot today, and the couple made it a blast! I must say, I really enjoyed getting to know Ben and Sara from behind the camera. They’re such a fun couple!

Here are a couple of shots from today.

Ben & Sara

Sara’s family happens to have an amazing house, so utilizing the architecture was a lot of fun.

Ben & Sara

And this covered bridge is just down the road.

Ben & Sara

Ben and Sara like to play each other in Chess, so it was only appropriate to highlight the chess board in at least one picture. Shots with personality like this are so much fun!

Thanks for sharing your day with me, Ben and Sara! Congratulations!

{{ Micah 6:8 }}

This year for my mom’s birthday I gave her a framed, hand-lettered verse, Micah 6:8. I’ve been a little obsessed with these verses on bible pages lately, so I’ve been cranking out quite a few.

Micah 6:8

If you’re interested in buying this verse (or any other verse), feel free to contact me and I can get you a digital file which you can print and frame in your own home. Without the watermark, of course. 😉

Happy crafting!

{{ art }} | kat•combs

Welcome to my art page! I’m super excited to be launching this section of my website. Here I’ll post artwork I have done, including ways for you to purchase digital files that you can print for personal use. Right now I’m really into hand-lettered Bible verses, so you’ll be seeing a lot of those! Be sure to check back often for new work.

Have a request? Let me know! I’d love to make you a personal, custom art piece. Just fill in the form below: