While headed home from Thanksgiving weekend, I noticed a lot of different smoke stacks. I’m not exactly a “save the planet,” “end global warning,” “recycle” type of person, but the dark clouds billowing into the air don’t strike me as healthy. I mentioned this to my dad and he said that it was just steam. Really, though? That isn’t pollution?
The first picture is of a high fructose corn syrup factory. Have you ever been graced by the aroma of corn syrup on a humid day? No? Consider yourself lucky. If you have ever smelled it, you would think twice before putting ketchup on your next burger. The stuff smells nasty. Supposedly the smoke coming out is just like steam you would have coming out of a pot on your stove, but the smell makes me think otherwise.
As for these other pictures, I have no idea what factories these are, what cities they’re in, or anything else.
Pretty soon we were losing light, and I found it hard to get a decent picture. There were plenty more smoke stacks, but this was the last that I was able to catch on camera.
Even if the output from each of these smoke stacks alone aren’t harmful, there are so many of them that there has to be some sort of negative accumulated effect. Coming to the end of this post, I started wondering how to conclude. But I realized that I don’t actually have a conclusion of the issue, let alone a conclusion for my post. Is this really a problem? Or does it just make an interesting picture?

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