Movie Premieres and Season Finales

I have this running joke with my family about how much money people spend on useless things when they could be saving kids in third-world countries. Did anyone watch the Biggest Loser finale last season and see all the confetti they dropped on stage? The money spent on the tons of confetti dropped could have been spent on meals for starving children. And how about radio contests on KLOVE? They gave away tickets to a movie premiere in London a few months back. Couldn’t they have auctioned that off and used the money to actually make a difference?

For a more recent example, look at the Super Bowl. Companies pay millions of dollars to advertise during the game. And sure, Pepsi Max commercials are funny. Yes, the guy licking the Dorito cheese off someone else’s finger is hilarious. But paying millions of dollars? 1 million dollars is enough to feed more than 3,000 children 3 meals a day for a whole year. And we’re spending that money on commercials to play during a football game?

Our country could be making a huge difference. I could be saving lives. You could be ending world hunger.

If you’re lost, or don’t know how to help, check out the Samaritan’s Purse (or Samaritan’s Pocket, if you’re Miranda) or World Vision website. Pack an OCC box. Help out at an FMSC packing event. Donate your spare change.
Helping is easy, and it’s way past time for us all to start making a difference. Don’t throw out that old, rickety chair; donate it to Goodwill. Don’t buy that extra soda; give $0.50 to Samaritan’s Purse and provide 2 meals to a child. The smallest efforts make the largest difference.

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