Not What I Have Done

All high school kids go through the exact same problems. We fall in love, we get our hearts broken. We’re assigned homework, we forget to do our homework. We procrastinate just a tad too long. We make new friends, we break old friendships. All of our problems are the same as someone else’s. And it’s inevitable that we will all go through these problems.

But what will you do about it? When you fall in love, will you sit idly by and do nothing, or will you take a risk and shut up and ask him out? And when you do shut up and take a risk and ask him out, but he rejects you, what will you do? Will you dwell in misery over mistakes you’ve made, or will you move on? When you procrastinate a little too long, will you keep procrastinating, or will you learn from your mistake? When you screw up a friendship, will you learn from what you did wrong?

Problems are inevitable. Mistakes will be made. It’s part of growing up! But what are you going to do after you make your mistakes? Are you going to curl up into a ball and cry when you make a fool of yourself, or are you going to move on and try to avoid making the same mistake twice?

I choose to learn from my mistakes. I choose to stop procrastinating because last time it didn’t go so well. I choose to take the risk and ask him out. I choose to move on when I’m feeling miserable, and avoid making the same mistake twice.

I’m not what I have done, I’m what I’ve overcome.

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