Technology is Great…

Except when it isn’t.
For instance, a computer for check in for Continental is great. You can swipe your passport, confirm your identity, and check in for a flight very early in the morning, all without having to talk to any grumpy airport people.

However, when the name on your passport doesn’t quite match the name on your boarding pass, technology is not so great. After completing (so we thought) the check in process once, Alix and I discovered that we had actually not checked in, and had to try again. Our second attempt involved one of those grumpy airport people I mentioned earlier. She had to swipe her badge and then confirm that “ALIXANDRAJ” is the same person as “ALIXANDRAJEAN.”


So the grumpy airport person went on her way and we checked our bags and proceeded to join the rest of the team on the way to security… last. Again.

Anyone else seeing a trend here?

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