Making a Difference

I have the coolest friends ever. No, really, I do. The coolest. Ever. 

Don’t believe me? Listen to this:

A friend – we’ll call her “Friend A” – recently had a birthday party. Instead of collecting various cards and presents from party-goers, she asked everyone to bring a stuffed animal that she then donated to Riley Hospital. She ended up with 70 stuffed animals. That’s 70 sick kids who got a cuddly new friend that just maybe made their bad day a little brighter.

Not awesome enough for you? Here’s another one.

Another friend – for pattern’s sake, we’ll call him “Friend 2” – felt like God was really calling on him to reach out to other people in the world. He took this calling and turned it into a Twitter account and a Facebook page, both called RealTalk116, where he posts bible verses for followers to see throughout the week. In just 7 days, the Facebook page gained more than 100 fans. He didn’t just listen to God’s calling – he acted on it. (BTW, check it out!)

Need another? Here goes…

Some of the awesomest (is that a word?) people I know gave up their spring break to go to Guatemala and sift dirt for a week. Sure, the beaches in Florida are perfect for relaxing. Of course, those Caribbean Islands were looking mighty fine when the weather here was cold and wet. But did these guys go on vacation? Nah. We chilled with preschoolers in a foreign country.

Still not enough? Ok, one more.

I collected money for FMSC recently, and my friends and I raised $312 dollars. That feeds a family of 4 for more than a year. More than a year!

Now, didn’t I tell you that my friends are awesome?

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