Short and Sweet

Last year as a sophomore, I looked up to the seniors in Concert Choir. They were idols. They were everything I hoped to be my senior year and more. One of those seniors happened to be my sister, Tess, which was strangely convenient since she brought her senior friends over pretty often.

One senior in particular that I completely admired? Luke. He’s attractive, he’s funny, he’s got an amazing voice. I looked up to him in that celebrity crush kind of way. He’s kind of like the chocolate in the window at the candy shop that everyone drools over, or the puppies outside PetsMart on the weekends that your parents won’t let you hold because they’re so cute you’ll have to take them home. (Maybe that’s just me?) As a sophomore, I completely admired Luke.

In short, Tess brought Luke around a lot over the past year. While at first it was exciting and fun to have the cute senior boy over at my house, it eventually became common and expected (but none the less special). That cute senior boy that I admired so much became one of my good friends, and suddenly he was more like me than I realized.

My scare came when Tess was getting ready to leave. I had this fear that I wouldn’t only be losing a big sister, but also a big brother. I was afraid that he would go back to being that distant stranger I wished I knew instead of the fun, loving guy I’d gotten to know.

So the short and sweet side hug he gave me today basically made my day. It totally rocks to know that I didn’t lose that friendship, and that I still have my big brother.

To Luke: It makes me happy to know that the cute senior boy with a great sense of humor still wants to be my friend. I look forward to continuing to look up to you as you go on to bigger and better things in your live, and I appreciate the short and sweet side hugs I get when I see you. Thanks for being my big brother.

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