I recently stumbled upon an article that made me a little… conflicted. It talks about the ridiculousness of airport security, which at the surface seems like a legitimate concern. However, it goes on to say that we should stop performing fair but fruitless searches on everyone and resort to simply profiling. In other words, let’s only search for weapons in the arms of Middle Eastern people and never search Caucasian blond women. (I am exaggerating. For the full effect of what the author is saying, you really have to read the article.)

After reading and rereading the article, the only conclusion I could come to was this: I wish we lived in a world where airport security was unnecessary. I realize this is far fetched and never going to happen, but I wish that we didn’t have to worry about people sneaking bombs onto planes, let alone having to use the racist methods of profiling to determine who we search for firearms. In the meantime, how about we go ahead and search everyone just in case the whole profiling thing goes terribly wrong and we let that Caucasian blond onto the plane with a knife in her boot and a bomb in her pocket.

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