Binder Rings, Brads, Buttons, and… Popsicle Sticks?

In preparation for Jasper’s arrival (we’re the welcome family for a student from Belgium), my mom and I cleaned out the closet in the office. This is one of those closets that we’re always afraid to open because clothes may spill off the top shelf or a monster may rise from the dead and try to eat you. You know the closet. You all have one.

Well in our closet are cords and electronics that never seem to go together, stuffed animals no one remembered we had, and tons and tons of scrapbooking supplies. And I’m talking “tons” like the measure of weight, not the overly-used adjective. We’ve got paper and distressing kits and stickers and rub-on phrases and quote books and buttons and frames and binder rings and brads and laminators and eyelets and everything else you could ever possibly need to complete any scrapbooking project. Really, everything.

So we started getting picky about what we kept and didn’t keep. Folded over letter stickers? Trash. Multicolored brads? Keep. Cut up cardstock? Trash. Ink pads? Keep.

A couple handfuls of popsicle sticks…? Trash. I mean, when am I ever going to say to myself, “Gee, I could really use some popsicle sticks”?

More cleaning, more sorting, and more scrapbook stuff lead me to a small collection of ribbons. I really liked the ribbons, so I didn’t want to throw them away, but I also didn’t have any way to keep them from getting all tangled up in the box. So I think to myself, “Gee, if only I had something to wrap the ribbon around…”

Gee, I could really use some popsicle sticks… 

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