She’s Here!

Cecilie’s here, and we all love her, and I feel very stupid for ever thinking for even a second that she may not fit in.

When we were “shopping” for students, I was constantly looking through profiles. I read through so many files for foreign exchange students. They all started running together eventually. Cecilie’s profile was the first one I looked at, and it was the one that stood out to me the most. No matter how many other profiles and students I looked into, I couldn’t stop thinking that Cecilie was the one for us. I just didn’t feel right picking anyone but Cecilie.

So we picked her (just like a family would choose a new puppy) and we added her on facebook and we started emailing her and we started getting to know her. And then I started to worry… What if she doesn’t fit in here? What if we have nothing in common? What if she’s… weird!?

Aye, how ridiculous. I mean, seriously? What if she’s weird? I’m weird! Heck, TESS is the weirdest person I know, and she fit in just fine!

If you’re wondering if all of my irrational worries were indeed irrational, the answer is yes. Cecilie fits in perfectly. Alix dropped by tonight to say hi since she missed the airport welcome party, and she just couldn’t get over how well Cecilie fits in here. Everything she does is just so… perfect. She loves photography, she has the cutest laugh ever, she does funny little dances to the music in commercials, she has a MacBook Pro…

I have a feeling this year is gonna be fun.

One thought on “She’s Here!

  1. Cecilie Stensrud says:

    You're so cute, Katherine! I can't wait to get to know you and your family better and we are going to have a lot of fun together! Wee :D I'll teach you one of my funny little dances , not that I know what I'm doing, but still! <3


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