I’m thankful for…

The centerpiece at our dinner table is a… well, you can see the picture. On each leaf, we’re supposed to write what we’re thankful for. The problem is, though, my list won’t fit on one of those leaves.
I’m thankful for Matthew West’s K-LOVE Thanksgiving song. I tried to write a post explaining why, but it really just doesn’t make sense. So just know that I’m thankful for this song.
And also, I’m thankful for music and family. I’m thankful for technology and the Internet. I’m thankful for foreign exchange students and step siblings. I’m thankful for school friends and church friends. I’m thankful for pumpkin dump cake and chocolate pecan pie.
I could go on forever. We could all go on forever. We have so much to be thankful for. And really, that’s the only point to this blog post.
I’m thankful.

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