A Day’s Adventure

When Cecilie and I got home last night, there was quite a debate about what to eat for dinner. Everyone’s first choice was Gracie’s, the Chinese place right up the road. It’s close, so not only would none of us have to cook, but we also wouldn’t have to drive very far. There was a problem though: Gracie’s is closed on Monday’s. Long story short, we decided that Cecilie and I would go to Charlie’s – a restaurant much much further away than Gracie’s – and get dinner for everyone. I took Mark’s car keys and my mom’s debit card for transportation and payment.

This morning when we got to school, I pulled my phone out of my purse and happened to find my mom’s debit card. I laughed to myself when I realized that I’d forgotten to give it back, but then I realized… If I still had the debit card, I also still had the car keys… Oh, @#$!. 

And thus my day began.

I went into school with my phone to my ear calling the house phone and Mark’s cell phone, but no one answered. Eventually I had to just suck it up and drive home to give Mark his keys.

I went into my first period class and explained my predicament to my teacher. His response? “I suggest you hurry.” Class was supposed to start in 5 minutes. I don’t think hurrying would help any.

I ran to my car, still trying to get ahold of Mark to see if maybe there was a way I didn’t have to drive home, but he still didn’t answer. I opened the garage door, ran in, and threw the keys on his bed, then left as quickly as I arrived. There was no way I was going to get back in time for school, which meant I’d have a tardy, which means no perfect attendance, which means no third exemption form… Long story short, I could not be late.

Solution? Doctor’s note. 

I was already planning on going to the doctor today to get my ears cleaned, so it made sense to just go a little early, right? I hopped in my car and drove to the doctor’s office, which thankfully opens at 8:00 am, right as I pulled into the parking lot. I checked in and sat in the waiting room for a while reading my Kindle. When the nurse called me back, I followed her to the exam room, propped myself up on the bed/table-thing, and proceeded to have my ears cleaned.

As she squirted water into my ear, I got this odd sensation called pain. You know the feeling? It hurts! After trying to endure it for a moment, I finally said something to her. “Umm… OW!” 

“Oh, sorry, does it hurt?” she responded, to which I thought to myself, oh, no, feels great! I nodded and she said she’d try a different angle. But no, that hurt just as bad. I made some sort of noise that signalled her to try a new angle, which hurt even more. My nose started turning red, my eyes started to water, and all of a sudden I was balling.

“Oh, honey, are you crying!?” As I sniffed and huffed, I tried to get out a no, but it came out as more of a moan. I tried to explain between sniffles and gasps. “It didn’t really hurt. I get crying spells and I just cry and cry and can’t stop, but I’m really ok, nothing’s wrong with me.”

“I don’t want to hurt you!” she said, to which I thought to myself, too late! 

She explained what she thought was wrong and I nodded and tried to stop sobbing long enough to listen to her. When she had finished telling me that my ear was just too packed with wax (umm, gross!) she said, “I can try to keep working at it or you can go ahead and leave. It’s up to you.” It took me a second to process what she’d just ask me. That’s sort of like saying, “Would you like me to continue to torture you, or would you prefer to go home.” I started at her for a bit, then responded, “I think I’d rather you not keep working at it.” She nodded and sent me off.

Once I got to my car, I sat and cried for at least 10 minutes. All I could think was that the nurse probably thought I was crazy because I couldn’t stop crying, and now she was gonna tell all of her nurse friends about the crazy girl who had waxy ears. Not only can I not control my emotions, but I also have bad hygiene. The other nurses would just love that story.

On the way back to school, the crying started over every time I hit a red light. I was a mess. It was all I could do to hold in my sobs enough to see the road ahead of me. Figuring my crying spell was a result of exhaustion, I decided to stop at home and take a nap.

That’s right. Instead of going back to school after my doctor’s appointment, I went home and slept. I slept all the way through my 3rd period class. Luckily I set an alarm to wake me up in time for my next class, otherwise I probably would have slept all day long.

And you know what? That nap was the best sleep I’ve gotten in a long time.

One thought on “A Day’s Adventure

  1. Mary says:

    What a day! I can't believe you had to do that whole story though…Mark should really just have a spare set of keys. For his own safety (and your mental health!). Might try suggesting it to him…or better yet, get him a new set for his bday with a card that says you'll happily “hang on” to the set for him…and use the car when he doesn't need it. haha. :)


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