His Concert

Ever been to a concert? When you go to see a band perform, you will do pretty much anything the lead singer does or tells you to do. “Repeat after me!” and you do. He sings, and you sing along, often at the top of your lungs, even if your voice will crack. He jumps up and down like a maniac, and you do the same thing, regardless of how ridiculous you may feel. He claps to the beat, and you clap, too.

I hope that I can live my life following Jesus the same way. If Jesus tells me to repeat after him, I hope that I have the voice to do so. If he sings, I hope I have the courage to sing along. If he jumps up and down on stage like a maniac, I hope that I am brave enough to do the same. If he claps to the beat, I hope I am moved to clap, as well.

Jesus wants to hear us sing out to him. We’re constantly sitting in on his concert, and he wants to hear us singing along out in the audience. He wants us to go crazy. He wants us to be his fan.

When Jesus points that microphone out to the audience, I want my voice to be the one he hears.

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