Who Do You Follow?

Have you ever thought about how much impact celebrities have on people’s lives? We admire celebrities so much that we are willing to follow them just about anywhere. Girls wear the Dream Out Loud clothing brand just because it’s by Selena Gomez. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we act like idiots at concerts, jumping and screaming and singing just because the artists and singers tell us to. When a celebrity that we look up to tells us about a charity or a cause, we are a lot more likely to contribute to that cause.

Now imagine if all of those celebrities and all of that influence were harnessed and focused toward God. What if every single celebrity pushed his or her fans to follow Jesus? What if public figures preached the Word of God in their speeches and debates? What if every singer or band took a minute of their concert to thank God for the talents they’ve been given?

Imagine how many more people we could save! I hope that one day I get to see all of the power of influence granted to celebrities used to bring more people to know God. I hope that talking about our faith can become less of a taboo subject. I hope every single celebrity who is a Christian can lead all of their followers to follow Jesus.

Why aren’t we doing that already? Why don’t we take every chance we can to tell more people that God loves them? In every one of Selena Gomez’s CDs, she thanks God. After every touchdown, Tim Tebow thanks God. Even the President of the United States recognizes God’s glory and greatness! Why can’t we get more of that?

Let’s get everyone talking about the grace of God. Let’s make sure every single celebrity is bringing people to Christ. And let’s make sure that we are ministering as much as possible, as well. Then one day we will hear about God’s awesomeness in every song, every TV show, every speech, and every sporting event.

In the meantime, I’ll keep using my gifts and my talents to bring people to Christ. Maybe one day I’ll gain the credibility and power of influence that celebrities have, but until then I’ll just keep preaching in smaller settings like my blog. So here’s to changing the world, one concert, one speech, one clothing line, or one blog post at a time.

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