You Complete Me

You complete me.

I’ve never seen Jerry Maguire, but I’ve heard it’s a winner. That line, followed by “You had me at hello!”… Just the perfect romantic movie line duo. (So I’ve heard.)

The more I look at on-screen romance, the more I see how flawed our culture’s take on relationships is. I mean, watch Disney Channel. Typically there’s one main character and two best friends, each a different gender. And what always happens between a guy and a girl when they’re best friends? Well according to Disney, they have an inevitable love connection and become boyfriend and girlfriend. Apparently you can’t have a friend of the opposite sex without being attracted to him or her. And it’s not just Disney. Fox sends the same message with New Girl and Glee.

And the movies are no better. Princesses always marry Prince Charming. The guy always gets the girl, and the girl always gets the guy. Look at Made of Honor, The Switch, Life as We Know It, Easy A… I could go on for hours, but I’m betting you’d rather I end the rant and skip to the point.

I don’t need a relationship to complete me.

Wait, let me rephrase that.

I need only one relationship to complete me. And that’s my relationship with my Father in heaven, Abba, God.

I don’t need a boyfriend, no matter what media says. It doesn’t matter that Disney Channel raised me to believe this, or Fox led me to believe that. I believe in God. And I believe that He completes me.

God made me as me. Maybe He put a guy out there for me, and maybe He didn’t. Either way is fine. His plan is far greater than my hopes and dreams. And right now His plan is for me to wait patiently. So I will.

A guy doesn’t complete me. A relationship doesn’t complete me. God completes me.

He. Completes. Me.

And He had me at “hello.”

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