Finals Week: It’s Actually Not That Bad

Whose Line is it Anyway?I have a crazy notion to propose. College students across the country may explode when they read this, but bare with me, because I do have my reasons. Here’s what I think:

Finals week is actually not that bad.

Oh gee, thanks Ryan!Now before you form a mob and angrily protest at my doorstep, just hear me out. Finals week is only not that bad because the week before finals week is absolute hell. Seriously. It’s the worst week of the semester. The week before finals is the week that all of your final projects and papers pile up on your to do list, all of the labs are full literally 24 hours of the day with other students trying to complete the exact same tasks as you using the exact equipment you need, and all of that studying you’ve been putting off all semester cannot be put off any longer.

This is hell week.

In fact, finals week is quite similar to paradise in comparison. All of the cramming is over, all of the projects are turned in, and all you have to worry about is showing up in the right place at the right time for your exams and packing your bags for Christmas break in between. There are no weekly meetings, no work hours scheduled, no classes to attend — just exams. And sometimes that project you finished the week before is in place of an exam, so that’s one less place to be and one less time to be there!

So here’s what I propose: let’s redo all of those “finals week” memes and buzzfeed lists to focus on this week, hell week; not finals week! Because isn’t hell week the week we should really be worrying about?

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