2014 LEGO Advent Calendar

Every year my dad gets me the LEGO City advent calendar, and every year I try to update daily, and every year I lose the pattern about 10 days into the month. So let’s see how I do this year.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7 (still going strong!)
Still trying to figure out what this is… Do I get a house to go with that façade? And why are there jewels growing out of the plant in the window?

Day 8
LEGO makes the cutest little ice skates! Look at those! Adorable!

WOW! Sorry I was MIA there for a while. Like I said, somewhere around day 10 every year I just lose track of this whole every day thing. Let’s play catch up.

DSC_0070This dog is much more interested in the Christmas turkey than his own dog food.

DSC_0069Mr. Caroling Police Officer is a little too busy, well, caroling to notice the burglar in the house.


DSC_0068It’s ok, though, because Mr. Caroling Police Officer’s partner is on his way to lend a hand. And check out his patrol sled!

DSC_0064This kid is always up to no good.


DSC_0063I still love those ice skates!


DSC_0072The fruit stand lady recently acquired a bread cart, as well!

DSC_0073There he goes, stealing the family jewels… And some guard dog!


DSC_0074Need some firewood? Find it by the town Christmas tree.

Now that you’re all caught up to Day 22, I’ll try to keep your posted for days 23 and 24. (Note: I’ll try.)

Day 23 – Back on track!

Santa's scooterI’m anticipating Santa tomorrow on the 24th, so this must be in lieu of his sleigh. Christmas is so close!

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