On the Road

Sojourn is on the road! Today we’re headed on an 8-hour journey to Chambersburg, PA, to lead worship at a church retreat. 

A few quick updates: we successfully crammed all of our stuff into the van this morning, we have decided we need a GoPro to document our trip, and we pulled over for a pit stop before even getting out of Lexington. Sojourn is off to a great start! 

Here are a few ways to pray for us today: 

  • Pray for safe travels. We already had the tire pressure light come on, and although watching Micah and Brandon figure out how to fix it was entertaining (I’m pretty sure the owner’s manual had “dance the Macarena” listed as a necessary step to reset the dashboard light), we’d prefer not to have any more dashboard lights come on, minor or otherwise.  
  • Pray for team unity for us. This weekend will be great for us as a team to grow closer and figure out how to better work together. 
  • Pray for Cliff and his team in Malawi as they minister there. While it’s hard not having Cliff with us, we’re thrilled for what he’s doing in Africa in these next few weeks. He will rejoin our team June 12. 

We will lead worship at a church in Pennsylvania about 4 times, including a Sunday morning service and a 1-hour worship night, all acoustic since we don’t have our drummer. We’re very excited to get started!

Thank you for your prayers and support! We’ll keep updating as often as we can. 

Picture: nap time in the van circa 10:30am, a mere hour and a half into the trip.