Wilmore to Louisville

And So It Begins!

After a long week of a lot of training sessions, Sojourn is (finally) on the road! Here is a quick recap of the last week:

  • Like I said, we went through a lot of training sessions this week, including van safety, finances, story telling, confidentiality, and many many more. Though our schedule was surprisingly full, we do feel better prepared for our summer after this last week.
  • The pastor at our first church stop came to meet with us one day at lunch and told us all about the church and what to expect, which was really helpful.
  • One of our training sessions was going to Asbury’s Challenge Course and doing different group challenges. A few of us had been really dreading the trip to the course, but it ended up being super fun and really beneficial. We all learned a lot about each other, ourselves, and our team dynamic.
  • The last session was a “talent show” where both teams did a mock service with skits, music, and testimony. It was great to show each other what we have been preparing for the summer and to encourage each other in our preparation.
  • We met this morning at 7:30 to wish bon voyage to the other team, Ebenezer. After seeing them off, we went back to bed until it was time to pack up and get on the road.

As we head to our next stop, here are some prayer requests:

  • This week we will be leading a vacation Bible school in the evenings for 25-40 international kids. Our theme is To the Edge and it focuses on the God of the universe in relation to us, his creation. Be praying that we would lead well, and especially that we would be able to share Jesus with kids who may not receive the message of the gospel any other way. Many of these children speak English as a second language and come from Muslim and Hindu homes.
  • Continue to pray for Cliff and his team in Malawi, Africa. They will return stateside on June 9. Pray that they minister well to the people in Malawi and that Cliff has as smooth as possible of a transition when he comes home and joins our team.

Thank you for all of your prayer and support!