A Brief Journey Home

After a great week at Camp Indicoso, we headed back to Asbury for the weekend to help out at reunion. Here is a quick recap of the last 10 or so days:

We hit the ground running, as seems to usually be the case at new locations. We arrived around 5pm and started immediately setting up our sound system to play for evening worship at 8:45. Since the boys were also counselors, they ended up needing to go meet up with their groups while the girls stuck around and finished setting up the sound system (we nailed it, by the way). As is also usually the case, we neglected to eat dinner until after our worship set, so it was a pretty long day.

The kids surround us in the scariest group hug ever when it’s time to say good bye.We led worship twice a day at camp, once in the morning and once in the evening. The kids were middle schoolers who loves upbeat, fun songs with silly motions (we didn’t know many of those, so we added 4 new songs to our set list this week). In our off time the boys were counselors and the girls, well, jumped in wherever we could to get involved and hang out with the kids. There were plenty of dance parties, small group discussions, and games that Lended well to having a few extra college kids around. We fell in love with the kids — and the counselors! It seems to be a recurring theme that we leave a place loving the people there… Maybe Jesus has something to do with that.

Dance Party Clips

After a full week at Indicoso, we headed back to Asbury for the weekend, where we played background instrumental music for a few receptions and helped out with various kids camps here on campus for the Reunion Weekend (check out the big news at Asbury here).

Prayer Requests

Here are some ways you can pray for us in the coming week:

  • Pray that we would be prepared to do whatever ministry is needed of us, and that we would serve to the best of our ability out of the outflow of Jesus’ love for us and for the people we are serving.
  • Pray that any insecurities or false voices amongst our team would be silenced. Pray that we would all know and feel how pivotal we each are to the team, and that we would not let Satan get to us with the lies of unworthiness or misfittedness (that’s probably not a word, but pray against it anyways).
  • Pray that the Lord would multiply our rest, and that we would feel rested and rejuvenated even though we are only getting the bare minimum in hours of sleep each night. Pray that we would not let Satan use our tiredness against us, individually or as a team. Pray that instead God would use our emptiness as an opportunity to pour out his love and his grace.

Thank you for your support and prayers. We are off to Joy of Living Ministries in Brinkhaven, OH, tomorrow afternoon.