3 Reasons to Talk About Poop

Poop. We all do it. Some people even talk about it.

But then again, so many people don’t talk about poop.

To my more conservative, poo-shy friends, here are 3 reasons to reconsider your aversion to the matter.

1. Everyone poops

As Taro Gomi so lovingly points out in the beloved children’s book, Everyone Poops. Cats and dogs, birds and bees, boys and girls (no matter how they may protest), adults and kids — we all poop. Why not talk about it? We exist in solidarity with one another’s production of solids. Let’s share in the experience.

2. Care for Physical Health

Sometimes I just need my friends to ask how I’m pooping. This shows that they not only care for my emotional and psychological wellbeing, but for my digestive health, as well. If I come to you to complain about diarrhea, chances are pretty high that I value you as a friend and fellow human.

3. Intimacy

I know a lot about my roommates. We’re very close. We tell each other everything — well, almost everything. Imagine how much more intimate we’d be if we could talk openly about our poop! I’m not asking for a mention in every conversation, or even every day, but just the option to talk about poop would bring such depth to our relationship. You’ll know more about me and I’ll know more about you. Everyone wins.

So what about you? Are you cool to converse on the matter of poo? 💩