How Anna Really “Let It Go”

For my Media & Society class (MC101) we were given a unique assignment: “Select, watch and critique a recent film that fits one of these criteria: it has been praised highly by critics, it has had or is having a significant effect on popular culture, or has caused significant controversy. Very briefly outline the plot of the film. Then, dig into it, asking what the films’ main theme is (or themes are) and what we learn about the screenwriter and/or filmmaker’s beliefs about the world. If you are a follower of Christ, describe how should you approach this film. Finally, describe the extent to which your Christian beliefs play a role in your choice of the films you watch?” 

So, naturally, I chose to write about Frozen.

After reading some articles, playing Frozen-related games, and annoying my roommate with the soundtrack, I finally knocked out the following paper (with which I am really pleased). So enjoy, as I explain to my media prof (and you) how Anna really “Let It Go” in the movie, Frozen

Oh, and by the way… spoiler alert.

10 Ways Your Apple Devices Can Help You in College

Surely you know by now that smart phones are helpful, and laptops are useful. As college students, though, it’s vital that we use those iPhones and MacBooks to their fullest potential. Here are a few ways to use your phone/laptop you may not have considered…

1) Alarms and Reminders
Obvious, sure, but oh-so-helpful! Keep forgetting to take your medicine? Set a daily alarm! Too many errands to remember? Make a to-do list! Can’t get out of bed in time for New Testament? (Come on, surely it’s not just me…) Set FIVE alarms!

2) iStudiez Pro
This $5 app may be the best five dollars you’ll spend in the next four years. (Poor like me? Wait for an iTunes gift card this Christmas!) This app lets you organize your class schedule, professors, assignments, and more! It also has full calendar integration so you can see all of your events for the day in one place. Continue reading