Program Assistant

During my 3 years at Asbury University, I worked and studied as the assistant to the Worship Arts program. Under the direction of Dr. Jon Roller, I developed new program systems, managed up to 10 bands each semester, organized 2 live album recordings, and worked as creative director for various media presentations.

Program Systems

For the Worship Arts program to run effectively, new systems had to be developed. I wrote job descriptions, assigned students to positions, and acted as a liaison to these students to kickstart the program. This included positions such as Social Media Director, Community Director, Archivist, Event Coordinator, Planning Center Assistant, Touring Director, and Band Leaders. I led meetings every week, managed tasks between different positions, and wrote documents to help keep the program running smoothly after I left.

Band Managing

As a band manager, I coordinated tours to various venues throughout the semesters. I also led worship leader meetings and helped the program director organize and delegate tasks to band leaders. I was the contact person for booking Asbury Worship Collective, and I coordinated the planning of events that the program hosted on campus.

Album Recordings

For more information about Asbury Worship Collective’s live album recordings, check out their Facebook page or my portfolio entry .

Creative Director

As creative director I got to sign off on all visual aspects of our program. Any graphics, posters, flyers, or other designs had to match the look and feel of our program’s branding.