Sermon Illustration

Below is a small selection of videos I have worked on for use in a worship service. 


This video was created as a bumper between worship and sermon time for a sermon series called Flipped, which dealt with counterintuitive truths in Christianity.

Easter Invitation: The Life

This video was an adaptation from the bumper we used in the weeks preceding Easter. This video was shared on social media and played in service to encourage people to invite someone to Easter services.


This video played in lieu of a sermon on Christmas morning, and the benediction was delivered live afterward. It was shot on location at a farm in Crestview, Florida.


This video played in a chapel service at Asbury University on November 23 as a sermon illustration for a Thanksgiving-focused message by Rev. Greg Hassleoff. The video was written by Samantha Hall, filmed and directed by Kat Combs, performed by Ariane Arquisola, and engineered by Micah Pace.

I taste the sweetness of your gifts when the sun burns my skin and the stars fail to lead me home, when roots make me stumble and thorns snag my ankles.

I feel you walk close to me when my muscles ache from trying or when harsh words hit me and I blink fast and hard.

I hear you most clearly in the scraping of metal and the grinding of teeth, the sound of an ancient tree falling and the chord that’s one note off.

I see you in the blood dripping from my arm after I’ve fallen on the asphalt, in the bruise on my knee from tripping in the dirt.

How can I say that I love you if I only love the beautiful things? How can I truly say I know you if I turn away from part of your creation?

Your mercy wasn’t given so I could float above hardships and blink away pain. When you promised me the world you didn’t just promise rose water and honey. You promised it all and I live in it all. You promised grass stains and loose teeth and rotting trees and even mosquitos. So I don’t thank you for moonlight or lilies or chocolate or hammocks; I thank you for all of those and everything above and below them.

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