Welcome to Ireland, Kat.

Let’s just talk about wifi for a minute. Wifi in Ireland is available pretty much everywhere. You can get wifi for free in restaurants, the airport, and even on buses! But do you know where you can’t get wifi? Our hotel room, our tour bus, and the Cliffs of Moher. And do you know where I was when I needed wifi? Our tour bus and the Cliffs of Moher.

You see, our American credit card is extremely helpful to have with us so we can pay for things… unless we can’t pay by card. And then, well, the card isn’t so helpful. So, you know, we needed to call home to get the pin for the card.

So there I am at the Cliffs of Moher, where the free wifi doesn’t work, and the buses are coming and going. I logged onto wifi from some bus and spent probably 2 or 3 minutes filling in the log-in form just to connect. Once I was online, I pulled up Skype, dialed the number, and called. Just as John answered the phone, guess what happened. No, really, guess.

The bus drove away.

I finally get through on the phone and the bus is driving away.

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It’s the Altitude.

During this trip, I’ve found that basically everything can be explained using the following words: it’s the altitude.

For instance, we were hiking on Monday and found ourselves surprisingly winded after only a few steps. “How could we possibly be this out of shape?” we thought aloud. It’s the altitude.

On the van ride from Guatemala City to Panajachel, the breeze coming through the window grew increasingly colder. ¿Porque? It’s the altitude.

True as the previous may be, other situations weren’t quite as logical. In example, Hillary’s guitar seemed to never be tuned. Why, might you ask? It’s the altitude. True or not, that’s the explanation we gave.

Every mañana for breakfast and every tarde with lunch, we had fresh fruit. Everything from mangos to bananas to coconut tastes better here. Why? It’s the altitude.

Our room at the compound was a mysterious place. Often my phone would be unplugged from the wall unbeknownst to Alix or me. The temperature of the water in the shower refused to cooperate. A strange smell began to appear. And how did we explain all of this? It’s the altitude.

The people are beautiful here. The scenery is gorgeous here. The weather is excellent here. Why? It’s the altitude.

We are all sunburnt. It’s not because of a lack of sunscreen however. It’s the altitude.

I feel extremely close to God here. I’ve gotten to make new friends, reconnect with old friends, try new things, and even step out of my comfort zone. Why has this week been so awesome?

It’s the altitude.

Cosas de Anoche

Here are some things that were said tonight during devotions: Even after making so much progress, sometimes we have to work backwards and take down what we’ve built before we can really accomplish what we’re working towards. Just as we have been sanding bookcases and rounding corners, God sands us and rounds our corners so that we can better love others and serve him. What we’re doing this week may not have immediate results. The seeds of hope that we are planting are going to take time to grow. A pair of $5 sunglasses that means nothing to us can mean the world to a little kid on a soccer field. God puts the perfect opportunities to serve into our lives, even when we’re afraid we won’t be able to make a difference.

I see God in…

I had this whole blog post planned out, but realized that that’s not
at all what I need to share tonight.
At devotions tonight, Ben asked us where we saw God today. And that is
what I need to share.
I see God in the beautiful scenery that we get to see all the time.
I see God in Hillary every time she picks up her guitar.
I see God in Alix when she does cartwheels through the grass.
I see God in the women who cook dinner for us here at the compound.
I see God in the faces of all the little kids we see in the streets.
I see God in the two little girls I met today who helped me figure out
how to make a broken kazoo sound good.
I see God in the group of people who played soccer today.
I see God in Ben when he prays with us or preaches to us or shares a
part of his day with us.
That’s all for tonight. Tomorrow I get to see God in all new ways.